Poetic Stills
Visual poetry - from still imagery
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John Bailey is a creator from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Many of you may follow me as ‘JohnnyZeroCool’ on most social media platforms. This is a creativity pen name I have had for quite a long time and I have no intention of changing it.

I will share my philosophies and adventures, as well as photography in capturing the road traveled.

I believe through many ways of thinking and perceiving. Anyone can harness the ability to capture real emotion, in their most compelling way.

My mission if to keep ‘creative work’ fun with low-pressure environments and set-up. My vision is to discover more complex approaches, while wanting to build visual conception into reality. I've found myself battling a craving to publish more intricate and creative work that will push me to new heights.

My ability to harness creativity behind the lens, and as well put it to paper or canvas, gives me a love and passion for art that goes beyond what makes me happy. Isn't that what life is about?

Having been very artistic all of my life and exploring every best way to express myself, I realized it didn’t always include photographs. With so many different mediums to express a thought, the sky is endless, and I plan to continue to reach higher and higher.

Any piece is available for purchase - contact me a message directly if there is one you would like to purchase.

Love to hear your feedback.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second ”
— Marc Riboud”